Welcome to The PlayhouseWelcome to The Playhouse

Welcome to The Playhouse

What We Offer

Child-centered, play-based playgroup in English for pre-schoolers aged 14 months to 4 years
Low child/teacher ratio based on US/UK guidelines (4:1)
Support for families and children throughout the whole time at The Playhouse
Cultural awareness and mixed-age groupings
Degree-educated experienced Early Years teachers
Flexible adaptation period 
After School Club

After School Club

Join us for after school fun! Activities change daily
Saturday Morning English Club

Saturday Morning English Club

Let’s learn English through play!


Stay tuned for upcoming seasonal workshops
The After School Club 16:00-18:00The After School Club 16:00-18:00
Join us at The After School Club!

The After School Club 16:00-18:00

Saturday Morning English Club 11:00-13:00Saturday Morning English Club 11:00-13:00
Come join us for a fun morning in English

Saturday Morning English Club 11:00-13:00

Our Philosophy

A good first experience of group activity in the early years provides a base for the whole of the child’s school years. The Playhouse believes in a child-centered, play-based ‘gentle approach’ to out-of-home care, in which the child’s first experience of being outside the family and home can be positive, enriching, fun and rewarding for the child and his/her family. We believe that acceptance, love, approval, and security are vital to the emotional and social development of young children. We are looking to develop the ‘whole child’, using a holistic approach to education and valuing the rich diversity of culture and experience each child brings to the classroom. In this age range, play is the child's right and is an essential part of the learning process. Play is the child’s work, and at The Playhouse this is taken very seriously. Our play-based educational philosophy is child-centered rather than subject-centered, and we firmly uphold the belief that children learn best through play. The children are given unlimited opportunities for free play with large and small toys, for climbing, jumping, rolling, balancing and swinging, building with blocks and lego, playing in the sand-pit and symbolic play (dressing up, home corner, kitchen corner, dolls etc.), but will also be invited to join in teacher-led activities such as singing, drawing, cooking, painting, chalking, cutting and sticking, making collages, modelling with clay and plasticine, doing puzzles etc. They will learn about the natural world through observing the weather, planting and caring for flowers out on the patio. At this age the child is becoming aware that s/he is part of the larger fabric of society as a group, a school and the local neighborhood. Discovering the world is tremendously exciting for young children, and at The Playhouse they participate in excursions to the local park, library, market and stores; they also enjoy specially organized one-off visits to local places of interest.  We offer month-long project work activities to the children, Our annual projects are: sensory month, oceans and sea creatures, recycling and junk modelling, spring garden planting (including vegetables), horses (to coincide with the Festa de Sant Medir horse festival in Gràcia in March), Easter, cars and construction vehicles, dinosaurs, Christmas, my body, water play and water science, food, and many others related to books and stories, as well as anything the children may show us they are interested in. We try to make these projects come alive for the children through combining songs, arts and crafts, stories, trips out etc. based around the theme of the month.

Our Amazing Teachers

Our Amazing Teachers - #1
Sheryl Mihalik 
Sheryl grew up in the United States. She has Master's Degrees in Early Childhood Education, and Speech-Language Pathology from Hofstra University, NY. Sheryl has worked in the early childhood setting first as a teacher then as a speech-language pathologist throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. She also holds her TEFL certificate... Read More
Our Amazing Teachers - #2
Katerina Nezi
Katerina grew up in Athens, Greece. She has a first degree in Greek language and linguistics, qualifying as a teacher by the University of Athens. She has a multi-year experience taking care of young children, and teaching English as a foreign language. Driven by this experience, and by her will to understand human development and the... Read More
Our Amazing Teachers - #3
Croíadh Molloy
Croíadh is from Ireland. She received her degree in Early Years and Childhood Studies from University College Cork. She has multi-year experience working with children in a range of settings. Her past experiences have helped to create unique and meaningful encounters for children in a fun, engaging, and motivating way. She understands... Read More
Our Amazing Teachers - #4
Charlotte Nordgren Sewell
Charlotte is a British-Swedish visual artist and arts educator with over eight years of experience creating and facilitating artistic workshops for both children and adults across the UK and Catalonia. She has a Bachelors degree in English Literature and Art History from Leeds University and a Masters in Art and Politics from Goldsmiths... Read More
Our Amazing Teachers - #5
Cristina Reid
Cristina is a Spanish-American visual artist and educator from the US. She has ten years of experience teaching art, English, and creating and guiding art workshops for children. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Visual Arts at the University of Barcelona. She has worked with children in a variety of settings, including schools... Read More
All members of staff have been selected for their personal qualities of patience, kindness, and their genuine love for children.   We ask our staff to offer us a long-term commitment because high staff turnover is destabilizing for children of this age, due to the strong bond of trust and affection that grows between child and teacher. 


Signe Green
If you're searching for an outstanding English language school that encourages creativity, exploration, and independence, look no further than The Playhouse! I was anxious about finding a school that could meet all of my son's educational and social needs while still allowing him to be a kid. Thankfully, The Playhouse exceeded all my expectations. The teachers and staff are incredibly caring and genuinely prioritize each student's individual needs. I highly recommend The Playhouse to any parent seeking a nurturing and enriching environment for their child's development. Sheryl you’re the best, thank you so much!
Rebeca Calvo Quintero
Couldn't have been happier with our choice of nursery! We had a very dramatic experience before the playhouse where our little one was quite unhappy and never adapted into the nursery. And then we discovered this wonderful place! He's been at the playhouse for over a month now, and he is happy when we drop him every morning. Every day they organise different activities and all the children are amazingly taken care of in an atmosphere full of fun and love. We have seen him develop so positively since he joined the playhouse! Couldn't recommend it enough!
Katie Ales
My daughter has been going to The Playhouse for two years at the Center on Calle Rizal and we couldn’t be happier with the care they provide. The teachers absolutely love the children and they are encouraged to explore, play and develop as an individual. We chose it initially for the low child to teacher ratio- which is almost impossible to find in Barcelona, but quickly discovered that they have so many other benefits. The setting is amazing, they have a wonderful garden where the children play outdoors each day, they have varied topics and activities which the children can choose to take part in or not and they have a strong focus on books and stories each day... Read More
Camilla Roth
We have chosen the Playhouse for our son, because of its values and philosophy. It a wonderful and caring place for our child. With highly skilled and trained professional English-speaking teachers. They always see the unique in each child and willing to go the extra mile for each individual child and its development. Our son loves the Playhouse, where the days are full of all kind of activities; singing, storytelling, playing and many creative projects. During the year the children are introduced to relevant themes and cultural activities for understanding their friend’s different cultural background. It's quite unique and very interesting learning for us as parents. We highly recommend the Playhouse, that we believe is Barcelona’s best international nursery!
Amalie Frigaard Kristensen
We are very lucky and grateful to have our 20 months old daughter going to Playhouse. Before choosing the right place we visited many “English” speaking daycares in central Barcelona and nothing could compare to the warmth we felt at Playhouse. The staff is so caring and attentive to our daughter’s needs. The communication between adults and children is always cordial and loving. To see our child so happy, dancing, playing, counting and absolutely loving her teachers and friends means the world. Our highest recommendation to Playhouse.
Kaori Callow
Both my sons absolutely love the Playhouse. The teachers are so kind, caring and professional. They work so hard to make the days both fun and educational. Lots of activities, my sons are leaning a lot everyday at the Playhouse. Highly recommended! A nursery that teaches in English. My eldest son, who used to cry every day at the nursery he attended in Japan, seems to be enjoying his daily life at the nursery so much that he doesn't want to go home when he comes to pick him up. The teachers are very kind and help both parents and children. This nursery is perfect for learning English in a small group.
2023/2024 School Year Calendar

2023/2024 School Year Calendar

Holidays (School Closed) September 11: La Diada September 25: La Mercé October 12: La Hispanidad November 1: All Saints December 6: Constitution Day December 8: Inmaculada December 25 - January 5: Winter break: February 16: Professional Development Day (staff only) *After School Club open March 25 - March 29: Spring break April 1: Easter Monday May 1: Labor Day May 20: Pentecost June 24: Sant Joan Important Dates September 4: First day of school for students January 8: First day back after winter break April 2: First day back after spring break June 28: Last day of school July 1: First day of summer camp

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